Taming the complex information management landscape in Pharma

We simplify enterprise information management to increase productivity and compliance in Pharma & Life Sciences by providing our customers with integrated business processes and real-time information at their fingertips.

Using our modeled, low-code architecture we unify information and processes and replace multiple complex, expensive applications of siloed data with a simple framework that is quicker to implement, easier to manage and cheaper to use.

AIMS Offers Unique Benefits

Information at your Fingertips

  • Your information does not live in application or vault-defined siloes, but is seamlessly integrated across all business processes you work with, and available through a single user interface.

  • The view into your information is presented with a tailored experience based on your current perspective, making it easy to get your tasks done quickly.

  • You can use information across multiple perspectives seamlessly without duplication. We achieve this by allowing information to be described differently for different business processes.

Increased Compliance

  • All information can serve as master data. No duplication of data provides for single source of truth.

  • You see the complete picture. You have visibility across all information through a single user interface regardless of which business process you work with.

  • Information and reports are viewed in real-time, eliminating errors or inconsistency due to stale or out-of-date information.

  • Information is modeled to the latest industry standards such as IDMP, E2BR3, ECTDV4, DIA EDM and eTMF reference models, etc.

Quickly Adapt to Changing Requirements

  • Our modeled architecture lets us quickly make changes to information, behavior and business processes without having to reprogram applications or vaults.

  • No updates are needed to our web front end when your information definitions or industry standards change. In our system information is self-describing based on modeled attributes, behavior and business processes, letting our user interface present you with the right perspective at all times.

Reduced Time to Implementation

  • Information is modeled to industry standards that can easily be adjusted to your unique needs.

  • We provide a single Software as a Service (SaaS) system to manage your information across multiple business processes. You no longer need to install, configure, validate and train on multiple applications or vaults for different purposes.

  • We model everything, including requirements, information, behaviors, controlled vocabularies and business processes. This allows us to automate a large portion of the validation effort that typically drives long implementation times, making us significantly faster to implement.


Let us simply YOUR information management